Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Painting Update

Been working on a variety of miniatures lately.

Firefly Light Warjack                 
Sword KnightSword Knight back

Kaya the WildbourneTharn Bloodtracker

I've also been working on a Khadoran Warjack and Warcaster.


 Kommander Sorcha

Also a couple oldie but goodies, my first completed Warcaster and first completed unit.
Commander Coleman Stryker
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages

I just bought a couple of new brushes, as I was brutal to my last couple, and am attempting to take better care of these. I also went back to using my wet palette as that seems to be the best way to thin out the paint and make clean up the easiest. I will also be going back through and taking pictures of models I had completed before I started documenting my progress.  Not that there is a terrible lot to that category yet, but that's why I'm broadcasting this.