Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Game Master Extraordinaire

The other day I was buying some movie tickets online and after the transaction was complete I received a pop up for business cards.  This isn't anything new, its the 100 cards for a dollar campaign that you see everywhere you go on the internet.  Now, like a lot of my friends, I had played around with the card designer and made goofy cards for myself.

This time I decided to actually go through with it and make a card for myself.  Since I don't currently own a business, I made one for my game mastering.

As you can see, its quite a lovely little card and if you've received one from somewhere it's pointed you at this blog.  Here you will find my posts about all manner of gaming topics. I hope you will stay and read and comment on them.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting after hiatus

So I've finally gotten to paint again after the hiatus that was school. Don't worry, I'll be back to not having free time soon enough.

Tonight I worked on my Shredders. I decided to cover them in exile blue and build up to lighter from there. 

Then I painted a Pathfinder goblin. He hasn't been green yet, so I remedied that. Then I took one of the Bones future armor troopers and saw what he would look like in green armor. O like how it looks and will be working on the accents for him next. 

Then I finished Mohsar. He just needed a few places touched up. I like how the angry man of the desert looks.

Finally I took some more time on Kraye. He's been around 3/4 done for quite some time now and I've always been conflicted on leather straps. I never wanted to paint them the same color because I thought it wouldn't look right. I recently read someone's post on painting that said something to the tune of, put paint on the model, most of the time you are over thinking it and it will look fine.  So I tried this and got a lot of the little things he needed painted, painted. Now I just need to finish the metallics and he should be done as well.