Sunday, August 26, 2012

So here are three of the miniatures that I was working on last night. These arent the best posed pictures because I just took them really quickly on my phone, but they should get across the details fairly well. Also I learned that my new phone has a pretty awesome camera on it. So first Major Siege Brisbane.

I've been working on this model for quite a while. I lost his original hammer sometime while gaming in years gone by. Ordered a new one from PP and finally got around to painting it enough to glue onto the model. I need to go over him with some washes I think to dull down some of the colors but I like how he looks so far.

Next up is a Sword Knight.

I've been hesitant to work on this unit because it consists of so much metallic. I started with just a couple of spots so far to see if I liked the way it looked. Hopefully I'll continue on with this guy soon and be able to work on the rest of the unit. Since I have a full unit and a half of them.

Finally of my WIP minis. The Bloodtracker.

This model is quite a bit different from all the others that I've been working on. She's mostly skin and hides. I've never had to paint a figure that had so many skin tone colors on so skinny a model. She's tricky but I think I'll have a color scheme that I'll enjoy and be able to replicate across the other faction models that share her theme.

And just to show you that I do finish models from time to time. Here is my Haley1 Alt Sculpt.

I really am happy with how she came out. Unfortunately none of my opponents are as happy when they see her on the table.

So far here is my update. I'm going to try and get pictures of my other works in progress and finished models. Mostly so I can have a record of what I've got done and what I have to work on. If you have any questions about anything please let me know. Until next time.