Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keeping Track

So it has been a few (what has it been, weeks, months?) lengths of time since I last updated.  Specifically I said I was going to try to use the momentum of working on my miniatures painting to keep posting.  So that didn't happen.  Mostly because I had stopped painting miniatures since I last updated.  I kept looking at my paints and miniatures and deciding that I would get to that later.  Then everything stayed packed into the carrying case.  Then things needed the space the carrying case was sitting on so it got moved out of the way. Then it became a case of out of sight, out of mind. I had cleaned up my gaming room desk to make room for projects that I wanted to work on.  So I put together a few papercraft cubee figures and then put the papercraft tools away. So really I haven't worked on anything much in the last month or so.

Speaking of papercraft, I found that my original printings and my recent printings of the World Works Games tiles were at different sizes. So my walls and such that I had printed back on my old printer, wouldn't fit with my new printings of tiles and walls.  It left me at an impasse as to what to do going forward.  Do I move on and make all new things with my new printings and just leave the old things in their box?

One thing I have been occupying my time with lately is learning some new programming languages.  I started back up going through the Python books I have. And I'm working though the Javascript and jQuery lessons I have on hand.  My project that I am using as a test bed for my new skills is a character sheet for Savage Worlds.  So far its mostly for testing my knowledge and programming skills.  I hope to someday be able to make one for all the games I currently play so I have a running website of character sheets that I can access from any device I have with me.

I will get some pictures up of the cubee figures I made recently.  Might even type up a rundown of the rpg's that I've been reading through lately.