Monday, April 22, 2013

Current Projects

So after my last update I went and ordered a 5lb bag of Merlins Magic.  I then started casting according to the instructions and filled all four of my molds and filled an entire tray in the dehydrator.  With my next batch I tried to adjust the ratio of plaster to water to try and fill more molds.  I thought I was erring on the side of too much water, but then I found that I was adding too much plaster that wasn't getting mixed in completely and leaving quite a bit in the mixing cup that was far too thick to pour into the molds.  Adjusting some more I think I found the right ratio and that was that.  I decided to up my game a little and make a vibrating table to really make my blocks solid.  After looking at a few stores I found a neck and back massager at the local Walgreens and mounted it to my table and set to work on another batch. I thought I had done something wrong when I went to scrape the molds and I had almost nothing but a layer of water across the top.  Letting my brain catch up to me I realized that this meant all the plaster had settled into the molds instead of riding along top.  So letting the molds dry so I could remove the pieces also showed me that they now dry incredibly fast compared to before the vibrating table.  So all in all I'm even more happy going with the Merlins Magic and building the vibrating table. Now I just need to settle on a project to move towards.

In other projects, Ring Game is this weekend.  Ring Game is a Lord of the Rings Live Action Strategy Game.  While we do dress up, its not as role play-y as LARPing. This spring I'm playing a Nazghul. I made my costume this weekend, I went with the dark rider type costume from the movies.  Now if only I was in better shape to be sprinting around the park.  I'll be working on the gauntlets this week.  I will try to post pictures of those when I complete them.

I also received my Reaper Bones Kickstarter miniatures package.  I traded in the Sophie model for the carrying case.  I can fit around 3/4 of the miniatures in the carrying case.  I think I'm going to use the extra slots for paints and carry that around with me to get some more painting done.  Since most of miniatures will be immediately useful in our DnD 4E game I am going to focus on those to begin with.

Ninja wanted to help unpack.