Monday, May 6, 2013

Addendum to Pinning

Here are some of the pictures of the pinning I did this weekend.
Here is my Stormsmith in progress. I just need to clip down the pin a little more to get everything together on him.  Should stay together after this.

 Here is my Blackclad Wayfarer.  His left arm was jointed at the elbow and had to support the whole weight of the axe. Now that its pinned he should be able to hold onto to it.
 Here is my Tharn Ravager Shaman.  His joint at the shoulder was a huge pain because not only were they flat surfaces to hold together but there was no ball and socket to line them up properly.  This pin should keep his arm from falling off in a strong breeze.
And finally General Adept Nemo. His extended arm had a nice joint at the elbow and a socket in the gauntlet to fit the arm into, unfortunately the whole weight of the arm and weapon were too much to handle and it would keep getting knocked off.  When I drilled out the forearm I kept losing my line I was drilling on and ended up drilling out of his wrist a couple of times.  Finally got that lined up and I should be able to cover the holes in his wrist with paint.