Monday, May 6, 2013

Pinning Isn't That Tough

Being a miniature gamer with cats is an always interesting scenario.  After building my gaming table I would set all of my armies out across the table to get a good of how much I still have to paint and how much I still had to prime.  It was a great visual of how bad at getting to painting I've been....since time began.
As you can see I really had a lot of work ahead of me.  I've finished all the priming that needs to be done finally and started work on painting.  You can see some of the work back a few posts.  The only downside to this scenario is that when I would leave my miniatures on the table in such a fashion my cats would walk across the table top.  Now you would think cats being the graceful creatures they are would be able to step between and around this little miniatures.  Unfortunately those are not my cats.  I would constantly hear them being knocked over or around as the cats took refuge on the table top away from the dogs.  This in turn led me to constantly be gluing certain models back together.  It was the same group for the most part.  Certain models had joints that just didn't have a lot of surface to make the glue hold tightly.  This led me to finally grab my pin vice and attempt to pin some models together.

Now I have had my pin vice for almost a decade and have never attempted to pin a model.  I've had lots that I've set aside and not finished assembling because I've looked at the arm joints and just not wanted to deal with the pain of trying to get them to glue together.  So after having enough this weekend I grabbed one of the repeat offenders and went to town on his shoulder.  I always thought I would need to use my Dremel to actually drill enough into a model to get a good hold with a pin.  Not so, after a minute or two of hand drilling I had a workable hole that I could fit my paperclip pin into and glue down.  Wow, that was an easy step.  Now to try and line up the arm and make this work.  
I forgot to take some pictures of the joints while actually working on those so I apologize this won't be a more visual post.  Here is the boat-load of models that need a little pinning to stay together.  Getting the pin joint to line up was a bit trickier but most of the models also lent themselves well to giving me a good idea/making a good guess.  All in all I had about 5 models that I got pinned this weekend.  One of the ones I was extremely proud of was a Stormblade whose glaive was broken off right above his hands so that it was a smooth break between the glaive blade and the haft.  Pinning that joint made the model look like it was never broken.  I'm going to try and get some pictures of the individual models that I've pinned and point out the joints.

 Here is the main offender, Ninja.

And her accomplice Echo.