Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gaming and Other Topics

Lately I've been doing a lot more reading of RPG books then actual playing of RPGs.  I've fallen in love with Dungeon World and am secretly making plans to get my group to try it out one night when the regular game falls through again.  I've been following its G+ Community and Subreddit.  I read through the book and the guide that was written up to help wrap your head around the game and its paradigm.  I can see the fantastic merits to this game, why can't everyone else?

Listening to podcasts about various games makes me want to jump up and play those various games.  Currently in the podcast rotation I have Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill, a Savage Worlds show, Roleplay DNA, a more all encompassing rpg show, The Neo-Anarchist Podcast, a show from the future about the history of Shadowrun.  I've also been listening to the Order 66 Podcast about the new Star Wars:Edge of the Empire game and Narrative Control, which covers gaming and larger picture ideas.

So just from those I have Savage Worlds, Star Wars, Shadowrun, Fate Core, Cortex Plus and a smattering of other games on my mind. I really need to organize my time better so I could possibly get some of these games in online on weekends.

Otherwise I haven't been doing much else with my hobbies. I've been slowly painting through my Warmachine and Hordes armies. I might even have finished a whole model soon, so be on the lookout for pictures.  I haven't cast any plaster in a month or so. My last batch leaked all over the board and I need to scrape that clean in order to cast any more.  I do still have some Merlin's Magic left so I need to use that up.  I haven't even started priming or painting the Bones Kickstarter yet. If I can get on the painting band wagon and do that more often then one gaming night a week I might be able to make progress into that batch.

I did make some progress in recording some test audio for a podcast. It came out pretty good. Now to settle down on one topic and write out some show outlines.