Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Holy Cow, Two in a Row.

So I've added Circle Warlock Mohsar to the rotation. I've liked his model for a long time but never quite had an idea for what colors to go with on his cloak. I've seen some that went with the desert theme and done the tans and browns and some kept with the rest if the Circle theme and used the greens. I avoided making a decision on this by working on his scythe and inner tabard.  I also did some work on my Circle Warpwolf Stalker.  I really like how the bronze armor has green seeped into it.  I'm still working on making the green pop a little more.  I am learning as I paint more armor for Circle.  I did do some more work on Captain Kraye.  I keep getting to the point when I paint of not wanting to pull the trigger on doing a lot of the metal work.  I need to line up a bunch of models that need metal work and hit them all at the same time.  Yeah, that will be the fix for it.