Sunday, November 1, 2015

Long Time, No See

Ever since going back to school I've had to put a bunch of my projects and hobbies on a shelf.  Some of those literally. I've also picked up another hobby. I bought a tiny quad copter off of Amazon to learn to fly quads. So far I haven't hurt myself or anyone else. My copter of choice for this endeavor was the Hubsan X4 H107D. Mostly because it was on Amazon Prime and had a camera on it. I watched a few videos on Reddit about fpv video quads and wow are they pretty fun. So reading into the subject, the common wisdom is to buy a cheap little quad to learn how to fly and then move up and build a quad for whatever purpose you'd like. I believe I'll be building one for aerial photography eventually. This hobby brings in my electronics knowledge and training as well, which is a nice bonus. When I decide on a build I will document it for anyone to follow.

In other news I feel an itch to go back to painting. A friend at work asked me to paint up some of his Star Wars miniatures. I haven't painted anything futuristic in quite some time. I think it'll be a good change of pace, and it will be a chance to flex my painting muscles again.