Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tonights Accomplishments

So tonight between rounds of Fallout Shelter, I finally got back to painting. A coworker gave me some Star Wars figures that he wanted painted.

So I decided that I should dig in and start painting again.  In addition I pulled out some my Bones Kickstarter miniatures and started in on them as well.
So here we have the Shadow, a Pathfinder goblin, a Dwarf sword and board fighter and a rat swarm, in addition to the Rebel Trooper.

I also built something I should have a long time ago.
A block of wood with some poster tack on the end of it.  I've read about painters using them to hold miniatures while painting, but I never thought of myself as a serious enough painter to use one.  Well, wow, was I wrong.  This made it so much easier to look under an arm and paint without smudging or messing up the rest of the of figure. So yeah, I highly recommend making one of those to paint.